Practice Areas

General Litigation

The attorneys at Windle | Terry | Bimbo have been admitted to practice by the state bars of North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. Our attorneys have represented clients in civil litigation in each of the Federal District Courts in North Carolina and South Carolina, as well as the Court of Federal Claims and the Federal Contract Board of Appeals. Our lawyers regularly appear on behalf of clients in hearings, trials, administrative proceedings, arbitrations and other alternative dispute resolution settings.

WTB attorneys develop and implement a plan for all litigation based on our experience, thorough research, and the client’s expectations. We work hard to achieve our client’s expectations through effective representation, whether that means settling a case early, winning at trial, or seeking a change of law through the appeals process.

Commercial Litigation

Our clients are often drawn into commercial disputes that may be unrelated to a construction project. Our team of seasoned litigators applies the same thorough research and understanding to effectively litigate these matters.