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DOT Claims Attorneys in North Carolina & South Carolina

DOT Claims

Our DOT claims attorneys have experience representing clients in matters against the North Carolina Department of Transportation (“NCDOT”). We are thoroughly familiar with the Standard Specifications and laws that govern a contractor’s performance and rights regarding NCDOT projects. Whether it is assisting with documentation, negotiating a supplemental agreement, drafting/presenting a verified claim, or prosecuting a lawsuit against the Department, our attorneys have the experience necessary to assist and represent our clients with regard to claims for additional time and compensation.

Claims Identification

Contractors must rely upon their field personnel to recognize circumstances that may give rise to a claim. Field personnel must be educated to recognize claims and notify project management. Project managers must understand how to effectively communicate claims to the DOT. Our DOT claims attorneys train and counsel clients to properly identify and notify the DOT of claims to avoid procedural claim rejection.

Claims Documentation

The DOT can rigidly enforce claim documentation requirements. We educate and counsel clients on how to practically and effectively document their claims.

Claims Negotiation and Prosecution

WTB has the experience to effectively negotiate and resolve issues with DOT. However, when resolution cannot be achieved, we have the experience to prosecute an equitable adjustment claim.

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