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Construction Mediation & Arbitration Lawyers in NC and SC

Mediation & Arbitration Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution offers clients the opportunity to avoid costly litigation and resolve matters through mediation & arbitration. Our lawyers assist clients with the preparation and presentation of their claims in ADR.


Mediation is a formal negotiation process with the assistance of a neutral third party. Over 70% of cases in North and South Carolina get resolved in mediation, or within 30 days thereafter. Our lawyers carefully prepare for mediation to expose weaknesses in the other side’s positions and maximize our client’s likelihood of success. We work with our clients to exercise objective business judgment with an understanding that there are benefits to resolution aside from pecuniary gain. Resolution allows our clients to focus on what they do best in the construction industry and avoid further stress, distraction, and anxiety caused by litigation. We have certified superior court mediators and work with other parties and counsel to resolve matters.


Arbitration is a private trial. From arbitrator selection to presentation of evidence, our lawyers utilize our unique expertise to minimize expense and streamline the presentation of evidence. Our experience in arbitration practice enables us to clearly present issues and to furnish evidence in a succinct and compelling way that maximizes our client’s ability to receive a favorable award.

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